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Wednesday Notes: Lions Offense to Focus on Things That Work

  • According to Jon Kitna, the Lions' offense is going to focus more on the things that work for them.
    "You have three weeks and then you have a bye week to look at things and kind of say, 'What have we done well? And what did we think was going to work well that hasn't worked out for whatever reason?" quarterback Jon Kitna said Monday, as the winless Lions began preparation for Sunday's home game against the Bears. "And then (you say), 'Let's start trying to hang our hat on the things that work well.' So I think we're gonna see some more of that."
    Does that mean that every play is going to be a pass to Calvin Johnson?  That really is the only part of the offense that has worked well.
  • With the Lions' confidence as low as it is, a loss against the Bears would really send this team into a downward spiral.
  • Eddie Murray, a former Lions kicker, will be an honorary captain on Sunday.
  • The FanPosts section of Pride of Detroit and all other SB Nation blogs has been given a new look.  For details on what has changed, click here.
  • SB Nation has also put together a Major League Baseball postseason hub.
  • The Bengals have signed Cedric Benson.
  • Joey Harrington is back with the Saints.
  • As much as I dislike most of the things William Clay Ford has done to the Lions, there's no way he's as crazy as Al Davis.  Davis fired Lane Kiffin yesterday and then called a press conference to basically detail all of the things he disliked about Kiffin.  The reason for that is because Davis doesn't want to pay Kiffin the rest of his contract, and he is trying to make Kiffin look like the bad guy in all of this.  He's certainly not doing a very good job; that's for sure.