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Lions Trade Rumors Swirling

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The NFL's trade deadline is at 4 p.m. ET today.  That means that if the Lions have any plans to trade Roy Williams or perhaps even Jon Kitna, they better start working the phones all morning and afternoon to get a deal or two put together.  If they decide to stand pat and leave the roster as is, then the Lions would have to wait until the offseason to trade any players, and at that point nothing would probably happen until it is determined who the general manager will be.

As for right now, the rumor mill is continuing to produce various trade possibilities involving Roy Williams.  That should be expected since there have been a ton of rumors about him ever since this past offseason.  Many people expect him to be traded, but it doesn't look like that will happen right now.

By the way, (GM Martin) Mayhew also said that he talked to Williams and told him that the Lions were not shopping him. According to Mayhew, Williams told him that he wants to stay in Detroit.

The only way Roy Williams will get traded is if the Lions get a draft pick and a player in return for him.  Detroit's asking price for Williams has been high in the past, and since we are in the middle of the season, it is expected that the Lions would want a player that can help them right now in addition to a first-round draft pick.  Since most teams won't want to give up that much for a receiver, chances are he will be sticking around until at least the next offseason.

Jon Kitna's name has been thrown around the rumor mill as well in the last 24 or so hours.  With it becoming clear that Kitna's days in Detroit are likely numbered regardless of whether or not he returns from his back injury in the near future, the Lions may attempt to deal him right now.  That would allow Dan Orlovsky and Drew Stanton to finish out the season at QB for the Lions and would get the franchise an extra draft pick.

The first team that came to mind as a possible destination for Kitna was the Dallas Cowboys since Tony Romo is out up to four weeks with a broken pinkie.  The injury means that Brad Johnson is going to have to step in as a starter for the Cowboys, and for a short time there was some speculation that the Lions would package Kitna and Williams together in a deal with the Cowboys.  However, it appears that the Cowboys are happy with Brad Johnson and don't have interest in Kitna.

Another possible destination for Kitna should he be traded is San Francisco.  That would make the most sense since Mike Martz would be reunited with Kitna.  J.T. O'Sullivan has struggled in recent weeks, so there again was some speculation that he could become a 49er.  However, just as with the rumors about a trade with Dallas, the 49ers do not have interest in Kitna, either.

At this point all indications are that no big trades will happen involving the Lions.  A small deal involving a lesser-known player wouldn't shock me, but it is unlikely that the Lions will do anything.  Although it is strange that Rod Marinelli was so adamantly against discussing Jon Kitna during his press conference on Monday, I don't think the Lions could trade him even if they wanted to.  There are some teams out there that are in need of a QB, but trading for an injured one isn't a very good idea.

My guess is that we'll hear a few more rumors as the day progresses, but once 4 p.m. rolls around Jon Kitna and Roy Williams will still be members of the Lions.  I would love for the Lions to trade Kitna since he doesn't appear to be part of Detroit's future plans, but there is not much of a demand for him.  The same goes for Roy Williams in the sense that his trade value probably won't get much higher than it is right now, so a trade would be welcomed right now.  Besides, a trade in the offseason may not get the Lions as much as they want anyways, so if Detroit could get a first-round pick and a player or something like that, I would hope that they pull the trigger.

Keep checking back with Pride of Detroit all day long for any breaking news about potential trades involving the Lions.