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Jon Kitna to the Injured Reserve?

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The Oakland Press' Dave Birkett is reporting that Jon Kitna has been placed on the injured reserve.  There were rumblings last night that this move would be made if no trades came about, so it's pretty obvious that there was little to no interest in Kitna.

What this move means for the Lions is that Dan Orlovsky is the starting quarterback for right now.  It's probably only a matter of time until we see Drew Stanton unless Orlovsky wins a game for the Lions.  He nearly did that against Minnesota, so we'll have to see what happens this upcoming Sunday.  Should he struggle, we could have a Drew Stanton sighting sooner rather than later.

If Kitna is indeed moved to the IR, then he has probably played his final game with the Lions.  His status beyond this season was in doubt anyways, and if the Lions shut him down there's a good chance that they will move on for good.  If a new coaching staff comes in or one of his backups plays well, then Kitna's career as a Lion is probably over.