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Breaking News: Lions Trade Roy Williams to Dallas

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The NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Lions have traded Roy Williams to the Dallas Cowboys. According to The Dallas Morning News, the Lions will receive a first-, a third-, and a sixth-round pick and will give up a seventh-rounder. All picks are for the 2009 draft, giving the Lions plenty of opportunities to start rebuilding through the draft as soon as possible.

UPDATE: ESPN's Ed Werder is reporting that no first-round picks are involved in this trade. That is contrary to what Adam Schefter, The Dallas Morning News, and ESPNews are reporting, so I would stay tuned until something is officially announced.

UPDATE II: Via Blogging The Boys, the Cowboys' official website is reporting the same information as Adam Schefter and The Dallas Morning News. It looks like Werder got some bad information.

UPDATE III: In a typical ESPN move, Werder's story has been changed to include the correct information. It looks like the Lions will get three draft picks and give up a seventh-rounder, just as was first reported by The Dallas Morning News.