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Wednesday Notes: Surgery Likely for Gerald Alexander

  • The Cowboys agreed to a five-year contract with Roy Williams before the trade was made official yesterday afternoon.  The deal was initially agreed to about a half-hour before the deadline, and it went through 15 or so minutes later once Roy Williams and the Cowboys came to an agreement on a new contract.
  • The Lions are receiving praise from NFL front office members for the trade they pulled off
  • With Roy Williams being traded to the Cowboys, there are now two players that share that name on the roster.  There is now safety Roy Williams and wide receiver Roy Williams.  I bet that will get confusing every once in a while.
  • Should the Lions opt to not retain Martin Mayhew as the team's general manager after this season, they will be able to interview employees of playoff teams during the playoffs if they are given permission.  A proposal made by the competition committee (something Matt Millen was on before he was fired) was passed at an NFL meeting yesterday, and it gives teams the ability to conduct interviews with non-high-level employees of playoff teams immediately after the season if they are given permission.
  • Safety Gerald Alexander, who was moved to the IR on Monday, will likely have surgery to "clean-up" his neck injury.  He will probably be out 6-8 weeks.