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Lions Fill Vacant Roster Spots

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With Jon Kitna and Gerald Alexander now on the IR and Roy Williams in Dallas, the Lions had some roster spots that needed to be filled.  To bring the roster back up to the maximum amount of players, the Lions signed safety LaMarcus Hicks from the practice squad to the active roster and also signed wide receiver John Standeford. 

Hicks adds depth to the safety position and will presumably take on Alexander's role.  Standeford brings added depth to the wide receiver position with Roy gone.  Standeford played great in the preseason and didn't make the team only because the Lions didn't decide to take that many receivers initially.  He is probably a better receiver than Brandon Middleton, who joined the team during the season because of his return abilities.

Wide receiver Paul Raymond and defensive back Travis Key were both signed to the practice squad.  Raymond played for the Jets in the preseason, and Key is a rookie from Michigan State.  Key was a member of the Vikings before he was released and later signed to the Browns' practice squad.