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Friday Notes: Cherilus Benched; Orlovsky Named Starter

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  • George Foster is going to start on Sunday at right tackle for the Lions.  He replaces Gosder Cherilus, who was benched against the Vikings last week.
  • Ford Field finished second to last in's stadium rankings, only ahead of the Rams' Edward Jones Dome.  The reason Ford Field ranked so poorly is because of tailgating and team quality.  Since the stadium is in downtown Detroit, there really is no place to tailgate, and the rankings reflect that.  For team quality, the Lions came in at #32, which is a very deserving ranking.
  • According to Pro Football Talk, "league insiders" weren't a big fan of the Lions' attempt to trade Jon Kitna since he went right to the IR after the deadline passed.  I can understand why they would be upset, as trading an injured player isn't a very cool thing to do.  However, Kitna isn't really that hurt, so he likely would have been able to play in the near future for any team that would have traded for him.
  • You know how the Lions' mantra this year is to "pound the rock"?  Well, they're not doing a very good job.
    Melf did the math, and Detroit is actually gaining 2.7 yards per game less (77.8 to 80.5) than in 2007.
    That is simply pathetic.
  • Dan Orlovsky took most of the reps at quarterback in practice this week, signifying that he is the Lions' starter.
  • Damion Cook may start in place of Edwin Mulitalo on Sunday.
  • The Free Press has a photo gallery of Roy Williams practicing with the Cowboys.
  • Speaking of Roy, I answered some questions Blogging The Boys had about the Cowboys' newest wide receiver.
  • Face value for some Super Bowl tickets in 2009 will be $1,000.