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Thursday Notes: 2,700 Tickets Available for Sunday's Game

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  • Unsurprisingly, there are around 2,700 unsold tickets for Sunday's game against the Bears, according to the Lions.  The tickets have to be sold by 1 p.m. ET on Thursday or the same time on Friday if the Lions request a 24-hour extension to prevent a blackout. 

    The Lions' first home game of the season against Green Bay a few weeks back presented a similar situation.  There were 3,100 unsold tickets just days before the game.  In order to avoid being blacked out, Gardner-White stepped in and bought all of the available tickets.  I don't know if this will happen again or if some other company will step in, but I do hope the game is a sellout.  I originally wanted the Bears game to get blacked out to send a message to William Clay Ford, but since Matt Millen has been fired already, that message no longer is necessary, so I do want to watch the game.
  • Jordon Dizon is expected to return from a neck injury this week, but if he does he won't be playing middle linebacker.
  • George Foster, Stephen Peterman, and Travis Fisher are on this week's injury report.  Fisher is the only one that actually practiced on Wednesday.  Foster has an injured knee and Peterman has a broken hand that looks like it will keep him from playing on Sunday.
  • Via the Lions, these Bears players are on their injury report: WR Marty Booker (knee), DT Tommie Harris (knee) WR Brandon Lloyd (knee), CB Charles Tillman (shoulder), CB Nathan Vasher (wrist), S Kevin Payne (neck), and T Chris Williams (back).
  • The Lions are going to be hosting another tailgate on Brush Street prior to Sunday's game.  There will be a pre-game tailgate for the Washington and Jacksonville games as well.
  • Matt Vasgersian, Brian Baldinger, and Brian Billick are going to be the announcers for Sunday's game.