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Did Brett Favre Talk to Lions Coaches About Packers' Offense?

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I've heard of some bizarre stories in sports before, but if true, this one would rank pretty high up there.

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Favre called the Detroit Lions' coaching staff earlier this season to share what he knew about the Packers' offense. Glazer went on to say on the Fox pregame show that Favre spent more than an hour on the phone. (For the record, the Packers beat the Lions, 48-25, on Sept. 14.)

Favre denied Glazer's report, as did Lions COO Tom Lewand.  Rod Marinelli, on the other hand, had "no comment" on the alleged phone conversation. 

All I can say is that if these allegations are true, both Brett Favre and the Lions ought to be ashamed of themselves.  I say that because Favre's actions would be just plain wrong and because the Lions didn't even beat Green Bay.  Obviously what they did would be wrong as well if these allegations are true, but it would be more embarrassing to have inside knowledge of Green Bay's offense and still allow Aaron Rodgers to have a career day.