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The Latest on Favre-Gate

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The whole "oh my God, Brett Favre called the Lions about Green Bay's offense" saga is really getting interesting.  Right now there are two sides in this saga: those that agree with Jay Glazer's report and those that think it isn't true.  Most people seem to be on Glazer's size, but there are some out there that don't think the story is accurate. 

The main side opposing Glazer is ESPN and Favre himself.  ESPN hasn't mentioned this story even once on TV or on, and Pro Football Talk got the scoop of why that is the case.  To me it sounds like ESPN has a hidden agenda and is using BS excuses for not running the story.  It is ESPN, though, so that should be the assumption anyways, I guess.

Glazer is standing behind his story, and I do think it is interesting that Rod Marinelli has not denied the allegations.  He simply has said "no comment" when asked about the report, leading me to believe that the allegations are true.  If they are, the Lions and Favre are not in trouble with the NFL since there is nothing illegal about what supposedly happened.  There is definitely something ethically wrong, though.  Perhaps what is even more disturbing is that the Lions were unable to stop Aaron Rodgers from having a career day, even though they supposedly got inside info on the Packers' offense.  I find that more troubling than anything else.