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Sunday's Game Is So Going to Get Blacked Out

The Lions came close to having their first two home games of the season blacked out, and I think the third time will be a charm.  As of right now, it is looking like Sunday's game against the Redskins will be blacked out since there are over 6,000 tickets still available.

The Detroit Lions are facing the possibility of having their first local television blackout at Ford Field -- after 50 straight sellouts. There are about 6,400 tickets remaining and the game has to be sold out by 1 p.m. Thursday for the blackout to be lifted. The Lions could possibly get a 24-hour extension, but that's usually only granted when a sellout is all but guaranteed.

Barring any outside help from a local company or something like that, I think you can chalk the Redskins game up as a blackout right now.  It would be a weird feeling on Sunday to not be able to watch the game on television, but if that is the case, check out Pride of Detroit for a link to an online stream.  There usually are a few of them out there, so one way or another we should still get to watch the Lions get smoked play.