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Sunday Notes: Lions Sign Cannon, Release Gardner

  • The Lions signed linebacker Anthony Cannon yesterday and released Gilbert Gardner, a linebacker that was on the injury report.  Cannon didn't make the team after Gardner essentially beat him out for the last linebacker spot, but the one-time Lion is back to play special teams.  He had the fifth-most special teams tackles last season, and with Kalvin Pearson starting in place of the injured Dwight Smith, there was a need for added depth on special teams. (Pearson is a great special teams player.)
  • Damion Cook will start at left guard on Sunday.  He replaced Edwin Mulitalo last week and gets to keep the starting job after a good performance.
  • As mentioned earlier this week, Gosder Cherilus will likely start at right tackle.
  • Safety Gerald Alexander, who is already on the IR, will have surgery sometime next week to fix a cracked vertebra and a disc injury.
  • From the sounds of it, the Lions are going to try to get Calvin Johnson the ball more often.
  • Instead of the Lions-Redskins game, FOX 2 (out of Detroit) will broadcast the movie Best Laid Plans.  As Dave Birkett points out, someone working for FOX 2 has a sense of humor given the name of the movie.  The Lions definitely do not have the best laid plans, which is sort of why their game got blacked out.
  • Roy Williams' contract with the Cowboys actually includes $19.5 million of guaranteed money, which differs from a previous report.