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Rod Marinelli's Postgame Quotes

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Via the Lions, below is what Rod Marinelli had to say after today's game.

Opening Statement: "Just an update on the injuries. (Jerome) Felton had an ankle; (I) don't know how bad that is. (Damion) Cook, knee; Casey (FitzSimmons) had a shoulder and then we made a move yesterday with Gilbert Gardner. (He) got hurt in practice and we brought up Anthony Cannon.

On what went wrong during the game against Washington: "Well, we had a couple false starts, you know. And you can't do that and we had two holds and you can't do that. (You) can't hold; it's simple football. When you do that it-we're not good enough right now-1st-and-15, those things hurt us. We had some plays that we got; they got brought back so, that hurt us."

On how to change the mental mistakes of the players: "I just keep doing what I do. I mean, you just go-we've cut back some things. You just keep going over it and that's what you have to do there. They're playing hard. (I'm) coaching the dog out of them, each and every day we're out there and they respond all week; great attitudes. We're just not getting it done on Sunday."

On how to turn it around: "We made some progress in some areas this week. You know, we went in (and) slammed the run early. We had a good pass-rush, you know. We left some stuff out there. Our blitzes were-we had some nice blitzes, they were open. Now, we've just got to execute, (and) get the guy on the ground. We had two of them, we had two guys free. So some of those things were there, then you've got to cut the penalties back. The time of possession's still hurting us. Defense is on the field too long. Offense has got to get more. So you just-there's some things that you see that we're improving at but not good enough, and it's not good enough yet to get a win."

On if it's now time to win and not talk about progress: "You know, I see on the field certain things we've done in terms of our run-defense have been good. So we've been playing that a little bit better, and the pass-rush is getting better. I think our blitzes are coming; we've just got to execute the blitz at the end. But those are the things I can see, and they're working, but the wins aren't there and I understand that."

On why Marinelli still believes wins are coming: "Because that's who I am. You are you. You're negative.

"Ok, so I'm going to answer you: because I believe in what we're doing and I'm just going to keep doing it."