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Roy Williams Goes to Halloween Party as Tatum Bell

Regardless of what I thought about his on the field antics, it is pretty obvious that Roy Williams has a good sense of humor.  I say that because the costume he wore to the Lions' Halloween party on Monday night was so funny that it even tops Jon Kitna's outfit from a year ago.

Williams came dressed as former Lions running back Tatum Bell, who made national headlines two months ago when he was accused of pilfering the travel bags of Detroit running back Rudi Johnson. Williams was wearing a bellhop uniform with a big name tag that said "T. Bell.''

Williams was also wearing boxer shorts on the outside of his pants and it said "Rudi'' on the front and "Johnson 32'' on the back. Williams said he informed Bell what he was going to do, via text message, and got the running back's approval.

I saw a video of Roy in the costume on FOX 2 Detroit, and it looks as funny as it sounds.  The bellhop uniform by itself would have been funny, but the fact that he added boxers really just topped it off.

Roy was in town for the party since it benefits Mike Furrey's charities.  This has become an annual tradition, and just because Roy is now a Cowboy, that doesn't mean that he was about to miss this party, especially with the great costume idea he had.