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Tuesday Notes: Stanton Probably Won't Ever Start This Season

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  • Drew Stanton isn't going to start at quarterback this season barring an injury to Dan Orlovsky or something drastically changing talent-wise.  Rod Marinelli is not going to start Stanton simply to evaluate him for the future, which is just dumb in my opinion.  Getting him some playing time is good for the future, yet Marinelli doesn't seem like he is going to change his mind on this topic.
  • Here's your weekly injury update from Marinelli:
    “Just a quick update on the injuries. Jordon (Dizon) is still nursing a hamstring. Felton has a high ankle sprain so we’re still looking at that right now and he could miss this week and maybe one more but that’s—we’ll find out a little bit more Wednesday. Casey (FitzSimmons) had some ribs; I think he’ll be okay. And Dwight Smith with the foot, (it’s) still somewhat questionable and we’ll find out during the week.”
    Marinelli also mentioned that Damion Cook may be able to play on Sunday against the Bears.
  • There were tons of Redskins fans at the game on Sunday, helping make up for some of the empty seats.  I emphasize the word "some" since there were still lots of empty seats.
  • Apparently Peter King guaranteed the Lions won't go 0-16.
  • I agree with the FanHouse's Ryan Wilson, the Lions signing Mike Vick when he gets out of prison would be the worst idea ever.  If he were on the team I would refuse to root for them.
  • Some people should just not be on TV.
  • Many NFL players reportedly tested positive for water pills, which may result in suspensions since they are illegal.  Water pills can apparently mask a positive steroid test, though most the players involved in this situation seem to have used water pills for weight loss reasons.