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Daunte Culpepper Visits Lions, Leaves Without a Contract

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NFL teams use Tuesdays to bring in free agents for workouts to compile a short list of players that can be signed if needed.  Cedric Benson, Shaun Alexander, and Tim Rattay are just some of the players that have visited the Lions earlier in the season, and today Daunte Culpepper came to Allen Park.

Apparently the Lions have quite a bit of interest in Culpepper and were looking to sign him today.  Culpepper obviously had some interest in coming to Detroit since he canceled a visit with the Chiefs.  Had he gone to Kansas City, the expectation was that he would sign with them, but he made the decision to visit the Lions instead.

Although the general feeling was that Culpepper would become a Lion, he left Allen Park without a contract.  Whether or not that means a deal no longer will happen remains to be seen, but this is something to keep an eye on.  The Lions seem to want to sign him, so something could develop in the next couple of days.

Why the Lions would want to sign Culpepper is beyond me.  The focus right now should be on Dan Orlovsky and Drew Stanton, who need every single opportunity to develop and become better NFL quarterbacks.  Bringing in someone like Culpepper seems like it would hamper their development, which is the last thing the Lions need right now.