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Wednesday Notes: Are the Lions Not Paying Matt Millen?

  • According to Chris Mortenson, the Lions haven't paid Matt Millen anything since he was fired.  Millen still is supposed to get around $6 to $10 million, but the Lions don't want to give him that much.  The reason they aren't paying him is so a settlement can be negotiated, which hopefully would result in the Lions paying less than they are actually supposed to.

    If how he performed as a general manager was taken into consideration, Millen wouldn't be owed anything.  Problem is the Lions were dumb enough to give him so much money in the first place, so he is entitled to it.  He probably doesn't need anything more considering he's made so much money in the past off the Lions, but my guess is that he will get almost all of what he is owed.
  • Peter King stated in his Monday Morning QB column that Matt Millen basically threw Lions defensive coordinator Joe Barry under the bus and blamed him for the whole Brett Favre phone call story.
    Millen told Favre last week that Detroit defensive coordinator Joe Barry was the source for the story that Favre discussed Packer offensive stuff with Millen. Barry has declined to comment on the story. I have tried to reach Millen, without success.
    I highly doubt Joe Barry would do something like that, especially since the Lions' defense played so poorly against Green Bay.  He had no need reason to tell Jay Glazer about the phone call, so it seems like Millen is just trying to save his own ass with Favre.
  • According to John Clayton, Daunte Culpepper "will stay in contact" with the Lions, even though a contract wasn't signed on Tuesday.
  • The Lions cut defensive tackle Langston Moore and signed fullback Darian Barnes.  This move comes after fullback Jerome Felton left the Redskins game due to a high ankle sprain.  He is going to be out at least one game, so the Lions had a need at fullback.  Moore probably got cut because the Lions have so much depth at defensive tackle.