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Friday Notes: Bears Suspend Tommie Harris

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  • Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris has been suspended for Sunday's game.  The reason Harris got suspended reportedly is because he missed a scheduled treatment for his injured knee.
  • On top of being without Harris, the Bears also will not have cornerback Nathan Vasher as he had surgery on his shoulder right hand.  Vasher is just one of the many injured Chicago players, leaving the Bears in a tough situation considering how many backups are playing.  I imagine their defense will still have a great game against the Lions considering it is the Lions, but all of the injuries and the suspension do provide a little bit of hope.
  • Roy Williams may have provided some bulletin board material for Bears cornerbacks.  Big surprise, right?
  • The Chicago Tribune published a detailed article about how Kevin Jones recovered from his most recent injury and ended up in Chicago.  If Matt Forte wasn't the Bears' starting running back, I would definitely predict Jones to have a career day considering that's usually what all former Lions do when they play Detroit.