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Thursday Notes: Stanton to Get Playing Time Soon?

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  • Tom Kowalski suggests that Drew Stanton may get some playing time in the near future regardless of whether or not he actually starts.  The speculation is that the Lions could get a look at Stanton without throwing him out there as the starter.  If he plays well, then he could get more playing time.  On the flip side, if he plays poorly and looks unready, then someone like Daunte Culpepper could be signed, allowing Stanton to continue to develop.
  • Dan Orlovsky played dumb when he was asked about Daunte Culpepper's visit with the Lions. 
  • The Lions worked out five veteran safeties earlier this week.  Since Dwight Smith may miss another game due to an injury, there may be a need to sign another safety for depth reasons.
  • Rod Marinelli thinks Cliff Avril is a "special player."
  • You need talented players to make the Tampa 2 work, which explains why the Lions haven't had any success with it.
  • It seems as though a change of scenery did quite a bit for Shaun Rogers.
  • Fullback Darian Barnes, who was just signed earlier this week, is a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer.