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Rod Marinelli's Postgame Quotes

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Via the Lions, below is what Rod Marinelli had to say after today's game.  Try not to pound your head into a wall while reading the quotes.

Opening Statement: Just two injuries so far: we've got (Jon) Kitna, had back spasms and that's why we didn't bring him out in the second half, and (Dan) Orlovsky has got a high ankle sprain. Again, we don't know how bad that is, so that's where we're at right now."

On what happens now after he has spent two weeks evaluating and making changes: "We just go back to work. We tried to get some no-huddle in; that's what we worked on quite a bit these last couple weeks, and it's no magic to it. It's not like you run it and all of a sudden everything opens up. You still have to communicate and execute, and we didn't do that. So we'll continue to work with it and try to improve it and go from there."

On if he will work on what they did today or two weeks ago: "We'll still keep working on our no-huddle. It's a part of what we try to and (part of) our base offense."

On if he expects to be fired today or tomorrow: "I think I've repeated this a lot to you, that I don't look in the future, right? I think I've said that to you, right? Would you agree? Your silence is agreement. If you're silent then you agree with me. Good; so I've already said it."

On why he expects to keep his job when he hasn't been able to win in a year and a half: "I'm going to again tell you exactly what I've said in the past: I'm going to get up in the morning and go to work."
On why he thinks he can turn this season and this team around: "Well, I think we have to go back and just keep evaluating talent, get the right people in here and keep working on what we do in terms of our system and improve it."

On if coaches are concerned after today's performance that the players have quit on them: "I don't believe they have."
On why he thinks that, considering the team was supposed to fix its struggles after a bye week: "I would agree with that, but the type of people we have, I wouldn't sense that they're going to quit. I sense they'll keep fighting."

On how he would evaluate QB Jon Kitna's performance in the first half: "I'd like to see the tape. Nothing's good. Anybody - the protection wasn't good enough, ball security wasn't good enough, getting takeaways wasn't good enough, some explosion plays. None of it was good enough."

On when he will come clean and tell them what the real problem is: "I'm coming clean. We have to coach football better. We have to get these guys ready to play, we have to find a way to get them to execute, and that's our job."

On if QB Jon Kitna would still be the starter if everyone is healthy next week: "We'll go back next week and look at - Yes, yes, as I'm sitting here right now. Yes."