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Lions Win Grievance Against Charles Rogers

Almost three years after the Lions filed a grievance against Charles Rogers, an arbitrator has finally made a decision on the case. That decision is that Rogers owes the Lions $8.5 million for violating his contract by getting suspended under the NFL's substance abuse policy.

Even though the ruling is in favor of the Lions, getting the money back is easier said than done. Not only do the Lions have to get it themselves, but does anyone honestly believe that Rogers has anything remotely close to $8.5 million? Chances are he has much, much less than that, so the Lions probably won't ever see that money or even a portion of it.

I imagine many believe that it's no big deal if Rogers does give the Lions the money back or not, but it actually is. The amount of money the Lions get back from Rogers will be added to next year's salary cap. If the Lions were able to recover all $8.5 million, then they would have much more cap room, allowing them to make more moves to the roster. That is something that will have to happen to make this team better, and if a new GM is hired, there will be many moves made anyways, so the more cap room the better.

With this grievance out of the way, I really wish it was possible to go after Matt Millen. It's not possible since he didn't violate any terms of his contract as far as I know, but the man really should not be able to keep $50 million after doing such a poor job. It's the Lions' fault for keeping him around and paying him that much money, but can't the league level with us fans? After all, our owner has proven to not be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to football, so maybe we could get a pity ruling or something. Then again, William Clay Ford would probably just put the extra money to poor use anyways, so why even bother?

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