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Thursday Notes: Kitna Gets an MRI, Misses Practice

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  • Jon Kitna had an MRI on Wednesday and is questionable for Sunday's game against the Vikings.  He missed practice due to his back injury and may not be healthy enough to play this weekend.  Dan Orlovsky and Drew Stanton split the reps in practice to fill in for Kitna.  Orlovsky is still suffering from the effects of a couple different injuries, but in all likelihood he will be ready for Sunday.
  • No, Roy Williams, the Lions will not go 12-4, 11-5, or 10-6.  In fact, they will be lucky to win more than a few games, so I would just worry about that right now.
  • The Panthers signed fifth-round draft pick and wide receiver Kenneth Moore from the Lions practice squad.
  • Shaun Cody, Travis Fisher, Jon Kitna, Edwin Mulitalo, Casey FitzSimmons, Dan Orlovsky, Stephen Peterman, and Roy Williams are all on the Lions' initial injury report for this week.
  • Erin Henderson, Bernard Berrian, Vinny Ciurciu, Ray Edwards, Jim Kleinsasser, Sidney Rice, Benny Sapp, John Sullivan, and Madieu Williams are on Minnesota's injury report right now.
  • Contrary to a report in the Dayton Daily News, the 49ers do not have interest in trading for Roy Williams.
  • It has only been four games, but Leigh Bodden definitely has not lived up to the hype.  Even worse, the Lions gave him a big contract in the offseason before he did anything on the field for them.
  • Mike Furrey doesn't understand what keeps going wrong for the Lions on game day.
  • Steve Mariucci thinks the Lions can win if they bring in the right personnel.  He's correct in a "Captain Obvious" sort of way, but he does raise a good point that the Lions need someone that can bring in the right personnel.  Matt Millen didn't bring in any of the right players or coaches, and even Rod Marinelli has brought in players that don't seem to be all that good. 

    If Detroit can hire a GM that in turn hires the right coach and signs and drafts the right players, then yes, the Lions can become winners.  However, it would take an awful lot for all of those things to go correctly, and based on the past, it seems unlikely that Detroit will become a winner anytime soon.
  • The Red Wings begin their season tonight and will raise a banner honoring last season's Stanley Cup-winning team before the game.  For more on the Red Wings, check out Winging It In Motown.
  • No thanks to the Lions, the Sporting News ranked Detroit as the second best sports city behind Boston.