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Lions Agree to Two-Year Deal with Daunte Culpepper

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According to ESPN's John Clayton, the Lions have agreed to a two-year deal with quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

Culpepper canceled a scheduled trip to Kansas City to instead visit the Lions earlier in the week.

Culpepper left the Lions on Tuesday without a deal but kept in touch, trying to find a home for this season and next season. After several days of negotiations, Culpepper agreed that Detroit was the best fit for him.

It is expected that Culpepper will officially sign with the Lions on Monday and join the team then. The fact that this is a two-year deal tells us quite a bit about the Lions' current quarterback situation. The coaches obviously see Culpepper as someone that can help at QB the rest of this season and then can be around in case he is needed next year as well. I have to say that I hate this deal and don't think Culpepper will do anything worthwhile, but that's just me. Leave your thoughts on this signing in the comments section.