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Monday Notes: White and DeVries to Miss the Carolina Game?

  • I don't necessarily think there is suddenly a quarterback controversy within the coaching staff, because they unfortunately seem content with Daunte Culpepper.  However, I do believe that Drew Stanton should get more playing time.  Having both Culpepper and Stanton play can't be good for the rhythm of the offense, but does it really matter at this point?  Getting Stanton more experience is necessary, and although I don't want to see him get sacked over and over again, he needs to play.
  • Both of the Lions' starting defensive ends left the Jaguars game due to injuries.  Dewayne White left early on with a calf injury and will be re-evaluated today.  Jared DeVries fractured a bone in his left hand and will have surgery on it tomorrow.  White and DeVries aren't expected to play on Sunday against Carolina, meaning the Lions' defense will be even weaker than it usually is.
  • As Mike O'Hara points out, the Lions are in danger of losing their annual Thanksgiving game.  For years people have called for the Lions to give the game to another team since they have been so mediocre.  That is still the case this year, but how do you think the NFL will react if the Thanksgiving game is blacked out locally?  That is beyond a real possibility at this point, and my guess is that this could very well be the Lions' last Thanksgiving game until things get turned out.
  • Another thing Mike O'Hara mentioned is this scary thought:
    Julius Peppers: He had three sacks for Carolina in Sunday's win at Oakland. He'll be lined up over Gosder Cherilus, the Lions' rookie right tackle, in Sunday's game.
    I feel really sorry for whoever starts at QB for the Lions.
  • The paid attendance for yesterday's game was a Ford Field record low of 52,631.
  • The Lions' 75th Season All-Time Team was honored at halftime yesterday.