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Week 10 Fantasy Wrap-Up


I ended up losing this week, and the loss itself was frustrating based on the closeness of the score alone, but it was even worse because of what happened at the end of the 49ers-Cardinals game last night.  The 49ers were on the 2-yard line with around 20 seconds left in the game, and Frank Gore got the ball.  He fell to the ground and quickly crawled into the end zone. Unfortunately, a Cardinals defender barely got a hand on him, meaning Gore was down by contact and no touchdown happened. 

Why am I telling you this?  Well, Gore was in my starting lineup, and if he had scored a touchdown I would have won and improved to 7-3 on the season.  Instead, I am 6-4 and am now in second-place because Just go away Favre's opponent forgot to adjust his lineup and left Adrian Peterson on the bench.  Had Peterson been in the starting lineup, Just go away Favre would have lost and I would at least be tied for first right now.

Calvin and the Chipmunks (mgersz) 83.16
STUD: RB Thomas Jones 32.9
DUD: TE Owen Daniels 1.3
BENCHED: TE John Carlson 5.4
OPTIMUM: 91.06 RATING: 91%
Better Than Millen (me) 80.98
STUD: D/ST Packers 19
DUD: QB Jake Delhomme 0.88
BENCHED: QB Gus Frerotte 11.94
OPTIMUM: 100.34 RATING: 80%

Things thankfully did go my way in the POD overflow league and in the SBN/AOL league.  In the overflow league I ended up winning 113.82-91.48 even though I had a coach rating of 77%.  My coach rating was so bad because I had Jay Cutler, who scored 39.78 points, and the Packers defense, which racked up 19 points, on the bench.  Thankfully neither of those mistakes mattered, as I still won comfortably.

In the SBN/AOL league, I won 83.2-81.9.  The closeness of the game was thanks to the battle between the 49ers and Cardinals.  Kurt Warner was my opponent's starting QB and made this very close.  When Warner threw his third TD pass of the game, I thought I had lost.  Thankfully, though, passing TDs are only worth 4 points rather than 6 in the SBN/AOL league.  If this was like the two Pride of Detroit leagues, I would have had a crushing defeat.

The rest of the official POD league scores can be found after the jump.

Underdogs (Sig Sauer) 116.84
STUD: WR Eddie Royal 25.4
DUD: D/ST Browns 2
BENCHED: RB Ryan Torain 12.8
OPTIMUM: 126.44 RATING: 92%
LA Leos (sgdbw90) 95.3
STUD: QB Peyton Manning 28.6
DUD: WR Torry Holt 0.5
BENCHED: RB Willis McGahee 24.1
OPTIMUM: 150.1 RATING: 63%
Motown Madmen (Jettero2112) 83.28
STUD: QB Drew Brees 25.88
DUD: RB Kevin Faulk 1.8
BENCHED: RB Ricky Williams 19.6
OPTIMUM: 107.08 RATING: 77%
Detroit's Few Good Men (ReichardZ) 104.82
STUD: RB Maurice Jones-Drew 27.1
DUD: WR Steve Smith 0.9
BENCHED: WR Kevin Walter 15.5
OPTIMUM: 131.32 RATING: 79%
Maize 'n' Blue Jays (THE_J) 80.84
STUD: QB Philip Rivers 22.54
DUD: K Robbie Gould/D/ST Eagles 1
BENCHED: QB Joe Flacco 22.2
OPTIMUM: 87.94 RATING: 91%
SnotKnocker's (Ace BangerTheGuru) 91.72
STUD: QB Kurt Warner 33.12
DUD: WR Chansi Stuckey 0
BENCHED: RB Deuce McAllister 10.1
OPTIMUM: 113.62 RATING: 80%
West Coast Lions (LVLionfan) 67.56
STUD: D/ST Jets 25
DUD: Three Tied (1 on a BYE) 0
BENCHED: QB Matt Ryan 22.72
OPTIMUM: 121.72 RATING: 55%
The Gosder Cherilus Posse (The Prodigy) 84.78
STUD: QB Jay Cutler 39.78
DUD: RB Chris Johnson 2.3
BENCHED: RB Jerious Norwood 17.5
OPTIMUM: 103.88 RATING: 81%
Rudys Warhawks (isjim) 69.36
STUD: QB Donovan McNabb 27.26
DUD: Three Tied (2 on a BYE) 0
BENCHED: RB Adrian Peterson 29.5
OPTIMUM: 110.66 RATING: 62%
Just go away Favre (ahtrap) 77.18
STUD: RB Brandon Jacobs 22.6
DUD: TE Donald Lee 0.6
BENCHED: RB Fred Jackson 2.5
OPTIMUM: 77.18 RATING: 100%