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Wednesday Notes: Lions Re-Sign Cason, Release Middleton

  • The Lions released wide receiver Brandon Middleton and re-signed Aveion Cason on Tuesday.  Wide receiver John Standeford was also re-signed after fullback Darian Barnes was released.  Barnes was on the roster for depth purposes while Jerome Felton was injured.  Now that Felton is healthy again, Barnes was no longer needed.
  • Apparently the Jaguars were making jokes about the Lions during Sunday's game.  Kevin Smith tried to defend his team by saying that Jacksonville also sucks, but the Jaguars simply came back by saying, "Well, not as bad as (you)."  Smith then agreed with whoever said that since no one sucks as bad as the Lions.
  • Some Lions players aren't acting like they are on an 0-9 team.
  • Rod Marinelli shared an interesting metaphor at his press conference earlier this week.
    “You’re in this dark tunnel and you’ve got no way out,” he said. “You’re waiting for light, and you see that light, what do you do? What do you do? You start digging and getting out. … I’ve always believed you stay in the tunnel and you keep digging when you expect no light.

    “You have the same faith when you expect no light. You have the same belief in what you’re doing when you expect no light. … It’s dark and I’m going to dig through. My shovel is sharp and my pick is sharp and my will is outstanding.”
    I was following what Rod was saying initially, but why would you dig your way out of a tunnel?  If it's dark and you suddenly see a light, wouldn't you go to it?  And if there was something to dig out of, how was the light showing through in the first place?  I'm so confused.
  • Pro Football Talk has the details on how Daunte Culpepper can get his $1 million incentive.  He has to participate in 5% of the Lions' offensive plays before anything else, and then he can become eligible to make the incentive.
  • Speaking of Culpepper, he reportedly weighed 280 pounds at his physical with the Lions.
  • How desperate were the injury-riddled Denver Broncos for a healthy running back?  Well, they signed Tatum Bell on Wednesday.  I never thought Bell would play in the NFL again after allegedly stealing Rudi Johnson's bags, but then again, Denver is where he played before he was traded to the Lions in 2007.
  • The Steelers signed former Lions cornerback Fernando Bryant on Monday.
  • I was a guest on the Pigskin Podcast last Friday.  You can listen to my interview here.