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Thursday Notes: Culpepper to Start on Sunday

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  • Daunte Culpepper will start against the Panthers on Sunday.
  • Also from the above link, Dan Orlovsky isn't going to have surgery in the immediate future and will take a wait and see approach to the situation.  I still think he'll be put on the IR before the end of the season, but I guess we, like Orlovsky, will just have to wait and see.
  • Drew Sharp thinks the NFL should lift local blackouts of Lions home games due to how bad the economy is in the Detroit area.  I agree that blackouts should be lifted, especially because I think the entire blackout policy is stupid. 

    Why punish fans of a winless team by not allowing them to watch their favorite team play?  At this point blackouts aren't going to increase ticket sales, and in reality all they are doing is decreasing interest in the Lions.  By the end of the season there is a good chance that many fans will simply stop caring about the Lions altogether.  After not being able to watch their home games, what's the point?  The Lions are winless anyways, and the true fans out there are the ones that get punished.  Great thinking, NFL.
  • Former Ravens coach and current FOX announcer Brian Billick has no comment on the possibility of working for the Lions in the future.
    "I have a day job that I'm focusing on," he said. "Out of respect for the situation, for me to comment on an interest or lack of interest in any job that currently has a coach is inappropriate. Those things will take care of itself after the season. Right now, I'm staying focused on my day job."

    He had nothing but praise for Marinelli.

    "There's no better man than Rod Marinelli. If you don't like Rod Marinelli, then it's you," Billick said "I promise you. He's a good man, he's a good coach."
    Rod Marinelli may be a good coach, but he definitely is not a good head coach.
  • According to Pro Football talk, there is talk that both Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand will be retained by the Lions for the 2009 season.  PFT also reports that the Lions might give the title of general manager to someone else to make it seem like things have changed, even though in reality nothing would. 

    If William Clay Ford wants every Lions home game in 2009 to be blacked out, then by all means make no changes to the front office.  However, if you want fans to give a damn about your team next year, you better make a lot of changes in both the front office and coaching staff.
  • Also from PFT, the Lions apparently worked out wide receiver Derek Hagan on Tuesday.  The Lions have made many changes to the roster since then, so it appears that they were simply doing their due diligence on a free agent like they do every Tuesday.
  • Jesse McCartney will be the halftime entertainment for the Lions' game against Tennessee on Thanksgiving.  If the game were to be blacked out, I can definitely say that I wouldn't mind missing that performance.