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Around the NFC North: Week 11

Bears - 3 :: Packers - 37

There's not really much to say about this game.  The Packers destroyed the Bears in all areas of this game and were dominant for all four quarters.  Although Kyle Orton did start for the Bears, he was not very effective, passing for only 133 yards and no touchdowns.  On a positive note, he didn't throw any interceptions, but he did fumble the ball without even being hit, and it was returned for a touchdown.  The defensive TD for Green Bay really just added insult to injury, as it happened when the score was 27-3.

Acme Packing Company was surprised about the big win:

Where did this Packer team come from? This was not the same team that was outplayed last week in Minnesota. Unfortunately this game looks like a fluke. The Packers are better then their record would indicate, but they don't stomp their opponent 37-3 every week (obviously). The real shock is that this is a complete turn around from last week's loss at Minnesota.

Windy City Gridiron had this to say after the loss:

Maybe it is just me, but doesn't it seem that every game in which it is power against power, we lose the battle?  Everytime a team comes not being able to stop the pass rush, they stuff us.  Everytime a team comes in and can't stop the run, they stop us.  Everytime a team comes in not able to run the ball, they run up and down us?  And that isn't just this year, this is like a reoccurring trend for us.

Vikings - 13 :: Buccaneers - 19

Minnesota actually led 13-6 after one half of this game.  The second half wasn't quite as nice to the Vikings, though, as they were shutout.  Tampa Bay scored a touchdown thanks to a 1-yard run by former Michigan Wolverine B.J. Askew, and Matt Bryant kicked two more field goals to give the Bucs the lead and the eventual win.

The Daily Norseman wasn't happy with Brad Childress after the game, as you can imagine:

Really, there's not a whole lot else that needs to be said about today's game.  It was pretty much the same as most of the games we've seen in the Brad Childress era.  It was the 8th of Minnesota's 10 games this year that was decided by 7 points or less.  In addition, the Vikings entered the fourth quarter still very much in the football game.  As Pacifist Viking pointed out, these are the Brad Childress era Vikings.  Be conservative, play it close to the vest, get down to the end of the game, and hope that either a) your team makes a big play or b) the other team screws up.  Neither of those things happened today, and as a result the Vikings are part of a three-way tie atop the NFC North instead of sitting in sole possession of first place.

As the quote above states, there is now a three-way tie for first-place in the NFC North.  The Bears, Packers, and Vikings will look to break that tie in Week 12.  Chicago heads to St. Louis to play the Rams, Green Bay goes on the road to play the Saints, and Minnesota will go to Jacksonville to battle the Jaguars.

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