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Rod Marinelli's Postgame Quotes

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Via the Lions, below is what Rod Marinelli had to say after today's game.

Opening statement: "Just some of the injuries, in game: Kevin Smith, shoulder and I don't know how bad that is; (Jared) DeVries, re-broke his hand; Drew (Stanton), concussion, I don't know what level it is; Ernie Sims kind of banged his need (ed. note: this is a mistake in the transcript, but I have no clue what the correct word is supposed to be) and he couldn't get it re-warmed so we kept him down and Alex Lewis, maybe with a (pectoral) and we'll have to see that tomorrow a little bit more. As you look at it, 10 penalties were brutal and 299 yards of return yardage and it's tought to win a game like that."

On if QB Drew Stanton will be able to play on Thursday: "I don't know that."

On his gut decision regarding Stanton's concussion: "I'll tell you tomorrow. I don't know."

On if he'll have to bring QB Drew Henson up if both QB Dan Orlovsky and QB Drew Stanton can't play Thursday: "If Dan (Orlovsky) can't go? If Drew (Stanton) can't then, yeah, that's the only other option."

On if QB Dan Orlovsky is close to getting better: "No."

On why he made the decision to bring Stanton in the game: "I thought it would give us a spark at that point and then bring him in (and give him) a great chance to get him some work too."

On if that was just a game-day decision or is Stanton going to potentially be the starter: "No, Daunte's (Culpepper) our guy."

On how frustrating it is to be up 17-0 and lose like that: "It's just details. We gave up a couple big plays. We came out of coverage one time, and I give great respect for (Jeff) Garcia. He's really one of the best quarterbacks in this league. He really is. A competitor, mobile, understands the system and we knew. We just couldn't come out of coverage. One time we came out of coverage and you can't do that, especially if you've got a lead and then we kind of blew a coverage on the other one in 4-under, 3-deep."

On who made the mistakes in coverage: "I'm not going to name names. We just blew coverage."