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Thanksgiving Game Almost Sold Out

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As I alluded to in the recap of yesterday's debacle, the Thanksgiving game between the Lions and Titans is almost sold out.  According to the Lions, less than 1,000 tickets are available for the game, meaning a sellout is all but certain at this point.

But the NFL has granted the team a 24-hour extension to reach that goal, a sign that the Lions likely will reach a sellout by Tuesday at 12:35 p.m. -- 48 hours before kickoff -- and Thursday's game against Tennessee will be shown on local television.

Typically, the NFL only allows an extension when teams are assured of reaching a sellout. And the Lions announced Monday that they have fewer than 1,000 tickets remaining for Thursday's game.

If the matchup between the Lions and Titans is in fact a sellout, it would end a three-game blackout streak.  In fact, this will probably be the only home game the rest of the season that isn't blacked out, so I will definitely enjoy watching the Lions play at Ford Field on TV.  Besides, if any remaining home game was not going to be blacked out, the game on Thursday is the one I would want to be available on TV everywhere.  It is a tradition for many families to watch the Lions on Thanksgiving, so it's good news that everyone will probably be able to.