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Lions on the Doorstep of History

I'll be taking a couple days off since the Lions don't have a game this weekend, but consider this question until I return on Monday: Will the Lions go 0-16?

It's a simple question, but it isn't an easy one to answer. The Lions' remaining schedule doesn't look like it has a single winnable game on it, but stranger things have happened in the NFL. It really is interesting that while the Vikings, Colts, Saints, and Packers will be fighting for a playoff spot when they play Detroit, the Lions are fighting just to win a single game. Again, it's not likely that they will, but stranger things have happened.

Remember, in 2001 when the Lions started 0-12, they won for the first time all season against the Vikings in the 13th game. I'm not saying that Minnesota will lose to Detroit a week from Sunday, but anything can happen. No matter how bad the Lions are or how good the opponent is, I could see the Lions blowing a winless season by emerging victorious in one of these games. I don't expect them to win a game and voted yes in this poll, but you'd think a win has to happen eventually.

Anyways, leave your thoughts to the question I posed in the comments section and make sure to vote in the poll below. Also, make sure to check out SB Nation's NFL scoreboard for the latest scores and blog posts from around the NFL.

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