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Monday Notes: Dan Orlovsky/Daunte Culpepper Edition

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  • Dan Orlovsky is out for a few weeks or even longer, according to's Jay Glazer.  Orlovsky had his right (throwing) thumb x-rayed today, and although no fracture exists, his hand was in a removable cast.
  • Orlovsky sprained his thumb on the first play of Sunday's game.  Despite the injury, Orlovsky played pretty well for the most part.  Obviously the interceptions he threw were bad mistakes, especially the one at the goal line,  but aside from that I thought he played alright.
  • With Orlovsky's status in doubt, the feeling is that Daunte Culpepper will start against Jacksonville on Sunday, even though he hasn't even officially signed yet.  Culpepper will have very little time to practice with the Lions, so it would certainly be interesting if he does end up starting.  I can't say that it would be uglier than what we have seen earlier this season, but Culpepper hasn't even played in an NFL game in nearly a year.
  • Even if Orlovsky is healthy enough to play on Sunday, my guess is that the coaches would opt to start Culpepper instead anyways.  There is undoubtedly a sense that something has to change simply to keep the fans interested, so Culpepper may be seen as the person to create a buzz in the fanbase.
  • Rod Marinelli confirmed that Culpepper has agreed to a contract with the Lions.
  • Culpepper also confirmed the deal and spoke on his decision to join the Lions in an e-mail to the Associated Press.
    "As a result of doing some research on different places to play, the Detroit Lions seemed to be the best fit for me," Culpepper told The Associated Press in an e-mail. "I am encouraged by the commitment of ownership, the vision of management and the great potential of the talent that is on the team."

    "I hope to contribute to the team in whatever role coach (Rod) Marinelli needs for me to play," he wrote.
    It is expected that Culpepper will officially sign his contract after a physical and the move will be announced by the Lions later today or tomorrow.
  • Culpepper already has a locker at the Lions' headquarters in Allen Park and will wear #11, which became available when Roy Williams was traded to the Cowboys.
  • Kevin Smith already knows Culpepper, as the two worked out at the same place in Miami earlier this year.  Both went to the University of Central Florida.
  • According to Dave Birkett, Culpepper's salary this season will be prorated based on the league minimum.  Next year, though, Culpepper will reportedly make $7 million.