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Another Home Game, Another Blackout

Unsurprisingly, Sunday's game against the Jaguars will likely be blacked out.  7,000 tickets remain for the game, and with the deadline to sell them approaching, a blackout is all but official at this point. 

The Lions can only get a 24-hour extension to sell the unsold tickets if they are close to a sellout.  Since they have even more tickets available then they did at this time two weeks ago (prior to the Redskins game), there is no way the NFL will grant them an extension.  After selling out 50 consecutive games, the Lions are about to have their second straight blackout.  That's not the kind of streak you want to start.

As usual, I will be on the lookout for an online stream of the game.  If I can find one I will provide live updates in the comments section of the game thread.  I was really hoping to watch this game on TV since Daunte Culpepper will likely be the starter, but Lions fans obviously don't have much interest in watching this team in person.  I can't blame anyone for not getting tickets considering how bad the team is, and with the economy being just as bad right now, it is a recipe for disaster when it comes to Lions ticket sales.