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Friday Notes: Jim Colletto Isn't Talking to the Media This Week

  • Barry Sanders was recently interviewed by's FanNation, and he talked about his decision to retire early, whether or not he watches his old games, and many, many other topics.  Sanders also discussed the current Lions and really didn't have an answer as to why they continue to struggle so much. Are you surprised that nothing has changed with that the Lions since you left? I mean they're 0-8, haven't won a playoff game since 1991 -- their only playoff win since 1957 -- and haven't made the postseason in nine years.

    Sanders: Yeah. [Laughs] That's interesting. It's very interesting how things have played out. I don't know what the answer is. I don't even necessarily know what the problem is, but it is worth mentioning their track record. Obviously, without knowing all the details of their current situation, the teams that really, really want to win, they win. They find a way to win. I really believe that. It may not be year after year, they may have an off year here or there, but eventually they find a way to get back there. So somewhere along the lines in the chain of command there with the Lions, someone may not want to win that bad.
    Thanks to Schuxu for the heads up.
  • Jim Colletto wasn't available to the media yesterday, which is not usually the case on Thursdays.  Without a doubt he wasn't allowed to speak to the media because of his comments about Drew Stanton last week.  Rod Marinelli probably figured it was a good idea to keep him quiet and not allow him to make any more disparaging remarks about players.
  • Apparently there was some uncertainty over whether or not the $1 million incentive actually exists in Daunte Culpepper's contract.  According to Pro Football Talk, who first reported the story, the incentive does indeed exist.
  • A photo gallery of Culpepper practicing with the Lions can be found here.
  • The Onion has a pretty funny take on Culpepper finding a job with the Lions.