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Rod Marinelli's Postgame Quotes

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Via the Lions, below is what Rod Marinelli had to say after today's game.

Opening Statement: "Just a couple injury updates: Dewayne White had a calf early in the game and pulled it, so obviously he didn't play the rest of the game. Jared DeVries: hand; as of right now, it may require surgery. I'm not quite sure yet. Keith Smith: groin, and Mike Furrey had a mild concussion early in the game.

"Just a quick overview of the game as I see it and I'll open it up: I take my hat off to Jacksonville. They're a very, very physical team and they ran the ball very well on us with about three or four runs and did a nice job with their play action and we couldn't get enough snaps for our offense and that's where we're at."

On whether DE Jared DeVries hand might be fractured: "That's what they kind of said to me. Right now they've got to go get it x-rayed. They feel it was."

On why the defense didn't stop the Jaguars: "They ran three or four plays; power with a ream inside against under and then we kicked our end from a six to a five and they pushed it and were able to get the backside guard up and through. They did a good job standing on our feet and pushing and then they run what we call a smart-belly, where it starts to the weak side and they bring the fullback on the way back and try to force on the backside end. And we got a forced; we've got to make sure our fallback players are falling back inside and we struggled doing that and their backs ran extremely hard and we had some chances to man-up on them and hit them and we fell off some tackles."

On if he was surprised by the Jaguars' offense: "No, this was-they run four plays. They run the power-ream; they run the belly-weak, split-belly and smart-belly.

"It's just we've got to get our pads down a little bit better. As coaches and players, they physically beat us. That's all I'll say. As coaches, we weren't able to coach them good enough to play this style of offense."

On the Jaguar offense's ability to break tackles by the defense: "They broke tackles and sometimes we got in there and fitted correctly, and that's a good strong backend we face every week, and we weren't able to get them down as coaches and players together. We didn't do it."

On why he isn't embarrassed after the teams' 0-9 record: "I've just taken a whooping and I accept that. I stand up here and accept it. I just go back and work. If I were embarrassed-if I use that word, (it would be because) I wasn't trying as hard as I could try. If I wasn't fighting every single day, I'd be embarrassed. I line up everyday and go right back to this team. I stand up, give you no excuses - ever, and I line up and do it. Now if I didn't try hard, if I put my head in the sand, if I made excuses, I'd embarrass myself. I would be embarrassed, but I won't do that."

On if he'll make a change in defensive coordinators: "Oh no. I know everything that's going on. We just have to play better."

On why he doesn't' feel he has to make a change: "Because I'm in charge of it, and it's on me. I know everything that's going on. I sit down - just like offense, just like kicking. I'm all on it and it reflects back to me - nobody else. I don't put it on nobody else - it's me."