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Wednesday Notes: Daunte Culpepper Doubtful for Sunday

  • Daunte Culpepper didn't participate in drills that were open to the media today.  Drew Stanton, Dan Orlovsky, and Drew Henson did practice, and it looks like Orlovsky will start on Sunday if he is healthy enough to play.  Culpepper suffered a right shoulder injury on the second-to-last play of the Vikings game, and it looks like he will not be able to go against the Colts.  Orlovsky will probably start if he doesn't suffer any pain in the thumb he broke.  He tried to return to practice last week and things didn't go so well, so I hope he feels better this week.
  • If Orlovsky is unable to play, Drew Stanton likely would be able to start instead.  Stanton hasn't suffered any symptoms of his concussion in the last week, so it looks like he will be ready to play on Sunday.  If Orlovsky is unable to go, it would be Stanton's first career start.
  • Jared Allen was very pissed off at Gosder Cherilus for his hit during the Lions-Vikings game.  Allen was nowhere near the play and Cherilus got up off the ground and nailed Allen in the knee.  Although the play looked dirty, it was legal.  That doesn't necessarily it means the hit was smart, but Allen really shouldn't be one to talk considering how many times he has been fined for dirty plays.  Besides, Allen is going to be fine anyways.  He returned soon after the hit and played a hell of a game.
  • Charles Rogers, who recently violated his probation, will enroll in substance abuse counseling.  He tested positive for Vicodin, so apparently that was the narcotic described in the stories about Rogers last week.  I just assumed he tested positive for marijuana, because that would make the most sense with Rogers.
  • Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe had his manhood exposed on FOX following the game on Sunday.  FOX was showing Vikings owner Zygi Wilf giving the game ball to Brad Childress' son, and Shiancoe's towel wasn't covering very much.
  • Adam Schefter thinks the Lions should forfeit Sunday's game against the Colts to focus on beating New Orleans on December 21.  Sounds like a plan to me.
  • Via the Highlight Reel, Georgia QB Matthew Stafford's decision on whether or not to go pro will not be affected by the possibility of being drafted by the Lions.  I seriously hope the Lions don't pick Stafford in the first place, but if I were any college player going pro I would certainly refuse to play for the Lions.
  • William Clay Ford met with Rod Marinelli on Monday.  Apparently they broke down the previous game, talked about injuries, and looked at upcoming games.  I can't even imagine how pathetic that meeting would sound based on what a joke this franchise is.
  • Speaking of how pathetic this franchise is, Tom Kowalski thinks it's possible that Marinelli will be back next season and there will be no changes made to the front office.  I could see that being a possibility earlier in the season, but with attendance so low, I have to imagine that Ford will do something based on the fact that he has to. 

    If Marinelli stays, every game will be blacked out next season and the Lions will continue to lose money.  I just don't see how Ford could justify bringing Marinelli back in his own mind.  Then again, it took until this season for Millen to be fired, so maybe I'm being a little too optimistic.

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