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Dan Orlovsky to Start for Lions on Sunday

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Daunte Culpepper didn't practice today, and Dan Orlovsky's thumb apparently isn't giving him any problems.  That means that he will start on Sunday in Indy.

Orlovsky was very upset at some of his throws during individual drills today but said that wasn't because of his thumb, but because of his setup on a certain route. Drew Stanton will be Orlovsky's backup and Marinelli said that if Orlovsky is ineffective or aggravates his thumb injury, he wouldn't hesitate going to Stanton.

Once the game becomes a blowout -- and I'm sure it will -- my guess is that Stanton will get into the game.  If Orlovsky were 100%, then I wouldn't assume that Stanton will play.  But it doesn't seem like Orlovsky is completely healthy just yet.  I just hope he doesn't aggravate the injury on Sunday.