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Friday Notes: Culpepper Two TD Passes Away from $1 Million

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  • redirects to the Lions' official website.  The site doesn't appear to be owned by the Lions, but it's certainly interesting nonetheless. (Via PFT)
  • If Daunte Culpepper throws two more touchdown passes this season he will be one million dollars richer.  Two more TD passes would earn him his $1 million incentive, so I suggest that the Lions bench him to prevent that from happening.  That won't be a concern this Sunday since he is doubtful due an injury, but in the final two weeks of the season it will be something to keep an eye on.
  • One last note from Pro Football Talk is that Matt Millen is shockingly not still involved with the Lions.  I don't know who the Windsor Star's sources are, but they may want to confirm ridiculous rumors before making them public.
  • Dominic Raiola has sort of moved on and is no longer challenging fans to fights.
  • Tony Dungy doesn't really understand why things have gone so badly for Rod Marinelli in Detroit.