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Thursday Notes: Reggie Bush Out for the Season

  • The Mike Furrey Foundation and 99.5 WYCD are holding a toy drive at the Meijer in Allen Park on Friday and Saturday.
  • Lions safety Gerald Alexander, who had neck surgery in October, is feeling "great."
  • Saints running back Reggie Bush is out for the season due to a left knee injury.  Bush was hurt earlier in the season and got injured again a week ago in Chicago.
  • It has become clear that Floyd Reese's comments about the Lions general manager job were pretty much meaningless.  He talked about how great of a job it is following the firing of Matt Millen and even said that he could get on a plane to Detroit tomorrow if he was hired.  Since then he has done the same thing with the Browns, even though their GM job isn't even open, and most recently with the Chiefs

    Although I felt like Reese would be a good candidate for the Lions' GM job, I really don't like his actions.  I don't think they necessarily hurt him enough to not make him a candidate, but his statements are definitely insincere.  I just find that to be a big character flaw that rubs me the wrong way no matter how great of a talent evaluator he may be.
  • Members of the 1976 Buccaneers, who went 0-14, don't want to see the Lions go 0-16.  You might think that they'd appreciate the company to take the heat off themselves, but they actually don't want to wish a winless season on any team.  That is how bad going winless feels.
  • Jared Allen wanted to fight Gosder Cherilus after the so-called cheap shot during the Lions-Vikings game earlier this month.  It's funny; he talked about how he believes in karma when on the subject of soon to be former Chiefs GM Carl Peterson.  Maybe Allen needs to realize that the Cherilus hit was a dose of karma his way.  After all, he is no stranger to delivering cheap shots to opposing players, so maybe this was karma's way of paying him back.
  • Former Lion Shaun Rogers made the 2009 Pro Bowl.
  • If you're not a fan of Peter King, go read this post written by BigBlueShoe of Stampede Blue.  He absolutely ripped King a new one.