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Rod Marinelli Calls Out Rob Parker

Rod Marinelli discussed Rob Parker today and had nothing but bad things to say about him.  Marinelli's comments are below, and they prove that he obviously doesn't have any respect for Parker, which contradicts Parker's column in the Detroit News.

“I just think, anytime you attack my daughter, I got a problem with that — in a room of stink, and as a man, and it was premeditated,” Marinelli said. “I think there’s something wrong with that, yeah.”

Marinelli said Parker had crossed the line “big time.”

Parker’s column in today’s editions of the News also offered an apology to Marinelli. Marinelli said he had not read the column, had not spoken with Parker, did not wish to speak with Parker and did not accept an apology.

First things first, props to Marinelli for going after Parker and not accepting his apology.  Many times in a controversy the person at fault will put their tail between their legs and offer an apology that is almost always accepted.  For a change, though, Marinelli isn't having any of it and seems like he couldn't care less about what Parker has to say now.

Also, I find the fact that Marinelli hasn't talked with Parker since the question to be very interesting.  Let's go back to what Parker said in his column today.

In fact, after the news conference, I approached Marinelli at the podium. He tapped me on the side of my leg and said he'll see me (at today's presser).

Once a liar, always a liar.  Just like in the past, it has basically been proven that Parker is absolutely full of it.  Like I speculated earlier today, Marinelli doesn't respect Rob Parker.  In fact, it seems that he now despises him.  Again, I never thought that Parker could come out of this looking worse than he did last night, but he definitely does right now.  Instead of writing a column that was all about himself and how Marinelli supposedly likes him so much, Parker should have manned up and admitted he made a mistake and left it at that. 

I really hope the Lions revoke Parker's press credential, because even I am not allowed access to the team.  If I was, you can bet I would never say something that dumb, and I'm not even a journalist.  Regardless, at the end of the day this all comes back to the fact that the Detroit News is still employing this joke of a columnist.  They need to man up and fire him; otherwise, Parker will continue to make a fool out of himself and the paper.

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