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Friday Notes: Lions to Reduce Some Ticket Prices for Next Season

  • Due to the economy and the fact that the Lions are about to go winless this season, the team is not going to raise any ticket prices for 2009 and will actually lower the price of admission for some seats.  The Lions raised ticket prices prior to this season, which turned out to be a huge mistake.  The economy, especially in Michigan, took a nose dive in the early part of the season, and the Lions' performance on the field drove many people away as well.

    For the 2009 season, ticket prices for 8% of the general seating will be reduced, along with club seats.  Selling club seats this past season was really a struggle, so that price reduction will be "significant," according to Ford Field vice president of business operations Bob Raymond. 

    I didn't think ticket prices should have been raised in the first place, so it's good that some will be reduced next year.  Considering over 10,000 seats were unsold for the Saints game, something has to be done to get people to watch the Lions.  Regardless of their record, it won't be easy.  Add the fact that they are probably going to bad again next season and I would expect more blackouts than this year.
  • Lions cornerback Travis Fisher joked that he would walk back to Detroit if the Lions beat the Packers on Sunday.
  • Kevin Smith doesn't care about rushing for 1,000 yards if the Lions don't win a game.  To him, that means absolutely nothing, because all anyone will think about is the winless record.
  • The weather has been pretty awful the last week or so all around the country.  In Michigan, at least, there have been a couple significant snowfalls, and most recently a wintry mix was on the menu.  Temperatures are now expected to be in the high 50s tomorrow, bringing in rain and possibly even thunderstorms.  You gotta love Michigan weather.  One day it is snow and freezing temperatures; the next it is rain with the mercury rising like it is the spring.

    In Green Bay, things have been a little more consistent, though they are experiencing similar weather to those of us in Michigan.  It has been cold and snowy, and it seems that will be the case on Sunday.  At kickoff, temperatures are expected to be in the low 20s, but a predicted wind of 23 mph will make it feel like 4°.  There is only a 30% chance of snow for the game, but the Packers need up to 350 volunteers to shovel already existing snow at Lambeau Field.  Although football was meant to be played outside, not having to deal with this is the biggest benefit of playing indoors.
  • Roy Williams isn't happy with his role in the Cowboys' offense.  I'm not really surprised since it doesn't seem like he is very involved.  This is just another reason why the trade was so good for Detroit and so bad for Dallas.  The Cowboys gave up a first-, third-, and sixth-round pick for a receiver that has done very little in his time in Dallas.  Not to mention that the Cowboys gave him a new contract as well.  It's sort of seems like a Matt Millen-esque move by the Cowboys.

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