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Sunday Notes: Pre-Game Edition

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  • Just a quick note on posting in the next week... I am guessing that if any personnel changes happen, we will find out about them in the next few days or not until a few days after New Year's.  I would hope changes would be made immediately so we can just start to move on, but I have to remember this is the Lions and they don't do things conventionally.  Regardless, my plan for posting next week is to have new content up until New Year's Day and then see what happens.  If there is breaking news I'll update the site, but if there's nothing that important, I will probably take a couple days off.
  • Regardless of whether or not the Lions get their first win today, many players will be partying in Detroit tonight. (Via PFT)
  • Today feels like the Super Bowl for some Lions players.
  • Not that this isn't the least bit surprising, but Ron Wolf will not be working for the Lions anytime soon.
  • The Pigskin Podcast's "best of" show has been posted, and every download will result in a contribution to the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Northwest Ohio.