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Monday Notes: Culpepper Gets Million Dollar Incentive?

  • UPDATE:  According to Tom Kowalski, Daunte Culpepper will not get the million dollar bonus since the Lions finished in the bottom five of the league in sacks.  Had they not finished in the bottom five, Culpepper would be $1 million richer.  For the Lions' sake, that thankfully wasn't the case, which makes me feel much happier.  I still think the incentive was ridiculous to begin with, but I'm just glad he didn't get it.
    Even though Daunte Culpepper didn't throw for six touchdown passes, he is still going to receive his million dollar incentive.  Why?  I'll let PFT explain.
    As we reported (and as others initially tried to debunk), Culpepper’s deal included a provision guaranteeing him a $1 million bonus if he participates in five percent of the offensive snaps, and if he throws six touchdown passes or if the team improves in average gains per rush attempt, turnover ratio, or sacks allowed. [...]

    But, alas, the Lions did give up fewer sacks.  In 2007, the quarterback went down on 54 occasions.  This year, it happened only 52 times. 

    So, for five games and four touchdown passes and six interceptions and a passer rating of 63.9, the Lions will be rewarding Culpepper with an extra million bucks. 
    In all, he made $1.37 million for those five games of work.
    This alone is why I don't want the current front office to stick around.  Who had the bright idea to put a million dollar incentive in a washed up quarterback's contract?  The Lions' negotiating skills are downright pathetic, as a quarterback that played in only five games and played poorly in them ended up getting over a million dollars.  That is absolutely unacceptable.
  • ESPN's Chris Mortenson reports that Bill Parcells has an out clause that would allow him to leave the Dolphins with the rest of his contract if the team's majority owner isn't Wayne Huizenga.  Huizenga sold 95% of the team to University of Michigan graduate Stephen Ross, but the sale isn't final yet.  When it goes through and becomes official, Parcells will be able to walk away.  Here is the real interesting part:
    Among the teams sources say are on Parcells' radar are the New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders. However, if Parcells' son-in-law, New England Patriots vice president Scott Pioli, is interested in any of those jobs, Parcells is unlikely to wind up with that team, Mortensen reported.
    There is absolutely no way Parcells would come to the Lions with the current setup they have, in my opinion.  It is a pipe dream to believe that he would join the Lions, though it is probably the best case scenario out there.  Parcells helped turn the 1-15 Dolphins into AFC East champions in only one season, so there is no doubt he would improve the Lions.
  • By the way of PFT, Adam Schefter reported yesterday that Eagles general manager Tom Heckert could join the Lions.  Why would he leave Philly?  I'm not exactly sure, but from the sounds of PFT's post, the balance of power may not be in his favor.  Then again, if he came to Detroit he would have to deal with Lewand and Mayhew, so it doesn't exactly make a whole lot of sense to leave the Eagles for the Lions.
  • If you're looking for a shirt to commemorate this past season, has a new one that says "ZERO AND XVI" on the front of it.
  • Some Packers players feel bad for Lions fans.
  • Rod Marinelli wasn't the only coach to get fired today.  The Jets canned Eric Mangini after failing to make the playoffs and the Browns fired Romeo Crennel after an awful season.  Cleveland also dismissed GM Phil Savage, opening the door for former Steelers coach Bill Cowher.  The only problem with that is that Cowher isn't interested in going to Cleveland.  I would guess he doesn't return to coaching in 2009, but that's just my opinion.  If the right opportunity presented itself he could very well leave CBS to re-join the NFL.
  • In the SBN/AOL league championship, I lost 131.1-94.15.  I actually left the Eagles D/ST on my bench.  That was a bad move considering they racked up 40 points against the Cowboys.  Even so, I would have lost by a couple points if I had started them.  That makes me feel a little bit better, but it shows just how good my opponent's team was.

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