3k from TST (Rams) drops by

  What's up, Lions fans.  3k from TurfShowTimes here.  Obviously, I'm just here to get some insight as to what you all think/want to do with the # 1 pick now that you have that forgettable (or was it unforgettable?) season behind you.
  In all seriousness, how do you guys not draft Bradford or Stafford at #1?  You guys haven't had a franchise QB since Bobby Layne.  I understand the sentiment from Bosco's thread, but how would you convince a useful FA to play for you guys right now?  Personally, I think your franchise would be best suited in drafting B-ford or S-ford and giving him a year under Daunte with whomever you hire as head coach to mentor him.  You guys still have Calvin Johnson and the #20 pick.  If Maualuga is still on the board, he'd be a nice pick up.  It would at least give you youth and talent at the 2 core positions on each side of the ball with a playmaker in Johnson and the experience Kevin Jones brings.

  Look, the Lions have an absolute ton of work to do.  But to try to do it by filling in the edges won't give you the foundation to build on.  I would think the 3 things you need most going forward are a QB, a MLB (not named Paris), and a front office.  Just my thoughts.  Hit me up with yours.

(Oh, and if you want to see my most recent mock draft, have at it)

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