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Lions Blacked Out Again

I hope you all enjoyed being able to watch a Lions home game on TV last week, because this Sunday it's back to a blackout.  As expected, the Lions didn't even come close to selling out Sunday's game against the Vikings.  There were around 7,000 tickets left when the deadline to reach a sellout passed, which is the usual number for recent blackouts.

In total, there have now been four Lions home games blacked out this season.  That number will likely rise in two weeks when the Lions host the Saints in the final home game of the season.  Assuming thousands and thousands of tickets are available for that matchup as well, over half of the Lions' home games this season would have been blacked out locally.

Just as with every other Lions blackout, make sure to check out Pride of Detroit on Sunday for live updates of the game.  I'll try to find an online stream of the game, but I don't necessarily expect to find one that is actually live.  Blacked out games have been streamed before, but the streams are usually a few minutes behind the actual game.