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Rod Marinelli's Postgame Quotes

(I'm too busy to write a recap of the game right now, but I'll have it up by Tuesday evening at the latest.)

Via the Lions, below is what Rod Marinelli had to say after Sunday's game.

Opening statement: "Just a couple injuries to note: Paris Lenon, chest, I don't know where that's at and Culpepper, shoulder, on that last throw - I don't know where he's at yet. They're checking him. Just overall, real quick, actually we had our chances and we didn't execute well enough. The two fourth downs, I wanted to go for those during the week, just like I did at Carolina and I thought we needed touchdowns just with the way we've been playing on defense lately. I thought we had to get that and I think the biggest disappointment (was) at the end of the game. We've got to stop them. We played well for most of the game and when we had a chance and needed to stop them, we didn't get that done. So that kind of sums it up."

On since he's been here, how many times he's relied on his defense to stop someone in that situation and they've actually did it: "Well, I thought as I looked at the game today, we were playing well and you kind of get a feel as you go through a game and you feel the game itself. Going into the game I thought we needed touchdowns, no question. And as the game went on I thought we had a better opportunity to lineup and play defense at the end and (the) same plays we were stopping earlier in the game, we didn't at the end."

On how he saw the overturned ruling on WR Calvin Johnson's reception: "It looked close to me. They had went up and looked at it and they felt-he told me he felt it hit the ground."

On who told him they felt it hit the ground: "The official."

On how WR Calvin Johnson felt about the ruling: "You always feel you got the play, but they make their calls."

On if Johnson said anything on the sideline: "No he didn't. Once it's challenged, there's no-they challenged it and looked at it."

On the offense getting within six yards of a touchdown three times: "Right, that's what I was saying. We had to get touchdowns I felt. In this league, when you've got a chance to get touchdowns, you have to get them and we were unable to do that."

On him bypassing a fourth-and-four attempt even though he said he wanted to go for fourth downs: "I kind of went into the game, fourth and three - just like at Carolina. When we went into Carolina, fourth and three to fourth and four, I felt it was going to be very important to control. I wanted to try to limit carries for No. 28 (Adrian Peterson). That was as much as anything for me - eat the clock as much as we could and keep him out of the game that way, and convert and we weren't successful."

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