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Week 14 Fantasy Wrap-Up


Normally scoring 59.3 points in the playoffs will get you eliminated.  Thankfully, though, my opponent only managed to score 47.6 points.  I definitely got lucky with my matchup, but I will take it at this point.  I ended up getting beat 128.4-71.84 in the POD overflow league, meaning I have been eliminated from the playoffs.  In the SBN/AOL league, I have a first-round bye, so I will get to relax this coming week of play.

Better Than Millen (me) 59.3
STUD: RB LenDale White 14.3
DUD: QB Gus Frerotte -1.2
BENCHED: QB Jeff Garcia 27.44
OPTIMUM: 106.74 RATING: 55%
Motown Madmen (Jettero2112) 47.6
STUD: QB Drew Brees 21.2
DUD: WR DeSean Jackson -0.9
BENCHED: QB Matt Cassel 21.12

With the win in the official POD league, I advance to the semifinals to play Calvin and the Chipmunks (mgersz), who scored 88 points this past week (he was on a bye).  In the other playoff game from this past week, The Gosder Cherilus Posse (The Prodigy) beat Detroit's Few Good Men (ReichardZ) to move on to the semifinals to play Just go away Favre (ahtrap), who scored a whopping 143.1 points during his bye week.

Here is a full look at The Gosder Cherilus Posse's win:

Detroit's Few Good Men (ReichardZ) 94.02
STUD: D/ST Colts 26
DUD: RB Joseph Addai & K Rob Bironas 4
BENCHED: WR Kevin Walter 21.6
OPTIMUM: 123.02 RATING: 76%
The Gosder Cherilus Posse (The Prodigy) 105.44
STUD: QB Jay Cutler 24.04
DUD: RB Clinton Portis 2.6
BENCHED: RB Ronnie Brown 8.8
OPTIMUM: 117.24 RATING: 89%

In the consolation playoffs, Maize 'n' Blue Jays (THE_J) beat Rudys Warhawks (isjim) 83.16-81.94 and LA Leos (sgdbw90) beat West Coast Lions (LVLionfan) 84.88-70.36.  Just last week West Coast Lions beat LA Leos, but things turned out differently this time around, meaning LA Leos will play Underdogs (Sig Sauer) in the consolation semifinals.  Maize 'n' Blue Jays will play SnotKnocker's (Ace BangerTheGuru).

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