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Rogers Trade Coming Soon?

There have been trade rumors involving Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers ever since last season ended, but now they appear to be turning into more than just rumors.  With all 32 NFL teams gathered in Indianapolis for the combine, there usually are a ton of rumors that leak out of the RCA Dome simply because there is a lot of talking going on.  When teams are talking about their players or players they want, there's bound to be rumors, and that is exactly what's happening with the Lions right now.

Although it looked like Rod Marinelli wanted to bring back Shaun Rogers for the 2008 season in what really would be one final chance for the defensive tackle to prove he's committed to getting in shape, it is now looking like he will be on another team by this time next week.  With trades being allowed starting Friday, the assumption is that the Lions will make their move fairly quickly.  Rumors suggest that a few AFC teams are interested in Rogers, and one of them is the New York Jets.

If I had to predict where Rogers would end up, my bet would be in New York as a Jet for a couple reasons.  The first and biggest reason is that a trade with the Jets just makes sense.  NY is looking for a 3-4 defensive tackle, and Rogers would fit that role pretty well.  At the same time, a trade with the Jets is a strong possibility because middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma is on the trading block, and he is a perfect fit for the Lions.

A deal that sends Rogers to NY and Vilma to Detroit probably would not just be a straight up trade, but either way, both teams win.  The Lions especially would get a good deal as they would no longer have a need at MLB.  Vilma, in my opinion, would immediately make the defense better. 

I know that dealing Rogers would create a need at defensive tackle, but that is an easier position to fill than middle linebacker.  The reason I say that is because the MLB is the quarterback of a defense and has to be a leader.  I don't want to hate too much on Paris Lenon, but he just wasn't a good fit at MLB, which is one of the many reasons the Lions defense struggled so much at times.

Rogers becoming a Jet isn't in the slightest way a guarantee, but I would say that him being traded is.  As Mike O'Hara said in the Detroit News, it isn't really a question of will he be traded, but instead is a question of when he will be traded.

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