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Broncos Showing Interest in Rogers

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that the Denver Broncos are trying to trade for Shaun Rogers, adding to the list of teams reportedly showing interest in the defensive tackle.

The Denver Broncos are among the suitors aggressively pursuing the two-time Pro Bowl selection, and at one point Monday, appeared to perhaps be on the verge of acquiring the 6-foot-4 interior defender. But other teams continue making their pitches. And Denver now doesn’t appear to be in the clear.

The Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers all are trying to fortify their front fours. And the Lions are marketing Rogers aggressively around the league before the start of the new NFL calendar.

I'm not exactly sure who or what the Lions would get from the Broncos in return for Rogers if a trade were to happen, but I would hope it is a better deal than the Dre' Bly one was a year ago.  Tatum Bell and George Foster were acquired from the Broncos for Bly, and in hindsight that was not a good trade at all.  I wouldn't say that trading Bly was a dumb move simply because he wasn't a good fit in Detroit, but the deal itself was pretty bad. 

The one positive thing that I take from the rumors out there about Rogers being traded is that there seems to be quite a bit of interest in him.  Some may not be genuine and some may just be teams seeing what the market value is, but still, the more teams looking for a trade the better.  I doubt a bidding war over Rogers' services will happen, but hey, anything added on to a deal is usually going to be a good thing.  Whether it is a draft pick or a player, anything that will sweeten an offer sounds good to me.

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