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Lions Raise Ticket Prices

Watching mediocrity at Ford Field this fall will now cost fans more money as the Lions have decided to raise ticket prices.  Yes, the team that hasn't won more than 8 games in a season since 2000 is going to charge you more to watch its games.

Prices will be raised on 83 percent of the seats at Ford Field, which has a listed capacity of 64,500.

It is the first time the Lions have raised ticket prices since the 2005 season.

Listed here are the new prices for season tickets (10 games -- two exhibitions and eight regular-season games):

Lower level sideline, $900

Lower level sideline, $840

Upper level sideline, $680

Lower level corner and end zone, $660

Second level corner and end zone, $660

Upper level corner and end zone, first five rows, $500

Upper level corner and end zone, rows 6-21, $400

With so much losing that has gone on in the last 7 or so years, you would think the Lions would be begging people to come to games at Ford Field.  Unfortunately, that's not the case at all.  In reality, this is a smart business move for the Lions as there are people out there that will still pay more to watch this team.  I don't want to hate on them as I commend them for being such great fans that will stick with the team throughout anything, but this is the problem.

Since Ford Field is almost always sold out, William Clay Ford sees no reason to change things.  Matt Millen keeps his job and the Lions continue to be a below average franchise, but Ford makes money.  If people stopped going to the games and the Lions had a few blackouts, then maybe, just maybe Ford would wake up and realize there is a problem.  That likely won't happen, though, since Lions fans do keep coming back no matter how bad the team might be. 

Again, I commend all season ticket holders for being such true fans, but they are part of the problem.  Mind you, it shouldn't take empty seats to get an owner to make some changes that will only make the franchise better, but that's what we get with Ford owning the team.

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